About PuzTech™ 3D

PuzTech™ 3D Puzzle Design and Plaztek Services LLC.

Plaztek Services LLC has 44 years of experience in Plastic manufacturing and designing for the Plastic wet process equipment Industry. We offer services for laser cutting and engraving, Plastic CNC router cutting, Plasma cutting, 3D puzzle designs, Die cutting for 3D puzzles, 3D printer prototypes, and Plastic fabrication for prototypes and production runs.

About 2 years ago I started scroll sawing 3D puzzles with the intention of making these puzzles for my grandkids. I like the designs of the 3D puzzles so I designed and copyrighted several puzzles to manufacture for other kids to enjoy. This is how PuzTech™ 3D Puzzle Designs was started. PuzTech™ 3D puzzles are made from a light weight plastic foam material. PuzTech™ 3D puzzles are challenging yet easy to assemble. PuzTech™ first puzzle designs are the Blue Tang Fish, Color in your own Design 3D Butterfly set, Clownfish, and the Yellow Tang fish, with more to come.

PuzTech™ will be designing new 3D puzzles every couple months and offering memberships for discounts for all new 3D puzzles coming out on the website.

With the PuzTech™ Color your own design Butterfly set, you can have fun using any washable fine point colored markers, crayons or for special effects use washable glitter glue. If you don’t like your design, you can wash off your design with soap and water and create a new design. (All markers must be washable markers, as permanent markers will not wash off plastic material).

Also PuzTech™ will have a coloring contest for the Butterflies. Submit your entry for a chance to win a Blue Tang puzzle or one of the 3D puzzles of the month.

There will be different age groups – 7 years & younger, 8 – 12 years old, and 13 years & older. We will post pictures and select a winner for each age group every 2 months.