3D Puzzles

3D Plastic Puzzles by PuzTech 3D

Our team has designed the first colored plastic 3D Blue Tang Fish and Color Your Own Design 3D Butterfly puzzles available on the market.

We are currently working on several new designs that are planned for release in the very near future.

You can see the current puzzles we have available and sign up to get information about new 3D puzzles as they are planned to be released.

Current puzzles available:

  • Blue Tang Fish
  • Monarch & Swallowtail Butterfly (puzzles are sold together)

A note on ordering 3D puzzles:

We offer pre-orders on products. Pre-orders receive a 15% discount. Please be aware that pre-orders require 5-6 weeks delivery.

Blue Tang 3d Plastic Puzzle

Blue Tang Fish 3D Puzzle. Puzzle comes with pre-colored pieces.

Monarch & Swallowtail Butterfly 3D Plastic Puzzles

Butterfly puzzle includes both Monarch & Swallowtail butterfly puzzles in package.








Our plan is to release new 3D puzzle designs on a fairly regular basis. There are two new puzzles currently in process. One is a Clownfish and the other is a Yellow Tang.

Orange, Blue and Yellow Clownfish 3D Plastic Puzzles

Clownfish puzzles will be available in orange, blue & yellow.

Yellow Tang 3D Puzzle

Yellow Tang 3D Puzzle